Aplikasi Ini Membuat Tenaga Pendidik Di Indonesia Semakin Canggih


Illustration Illustration - Unequal access to education between cities and regions has caused an unbalance quality of education in Indonesia. This was conveyed by the Special Staff of the Minister of PPN or Head of BAPPENAS RI Dr. Danang R Ginanjar, MBA, in an educational seminar with titled 'Synergy of the Role of Teacher Strategy and Technology in Facing the Industrial Era 4.0' on Monday, 07 October 2019, at Ki Hajar Dewantar Auditorium, DKI Jakarta Education Office.

Meanwhile, GreatEdu Education Startup CEO Robert Edy Sudarwan said that collaboration between educators and technology development was needed to solve the problem.

"Our application is here to create the ecosystem. So qualified teachers are not only in Jakarta and big cities but wherever they can," he said while introducing a GreatEdu feature called GreatPedia which included various information and teaching-learning materials.

"We are not replacing educators, but we want to collaborate with one of them with crowd learning systems," concluded Robert.

In his remarks, Deputy Head of the DKI Jakarta Education Agency, Syaefuloh Hidayat, said that his party had now made a roadmap to develop quality education in Jakarta.

Robert added, that on November 23, 2019 GreatEdu will organize a program Finding the Education Heroes. Where this program is a form of synergy with the development of technology education.





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